Posted by: ilanasmith | October 6, 2008


Got asked at work "Can you go to a conference in Germany next week?"  I appreciated the copious quantities of advance notice and so acquiesced.

I’d never been to Munich (and had a hankering to see Bavaria) so went down a day early.  Munich failed to impress.  It was a rainy miserable day and Hofbrauhaus smelt funny.

But the next day, we hopped on a train and went out to Füssen.  I was very disappointed for about three quarters of the journey, but finally sighted alps.  Füssen was cute, but just a lunch stop on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Disney ripped off Neuschwanstein when building Sleeping Beauty Castle, so it’s all spires and romance.  Ludwig of Bavaria wanted a "real" Middle Ages castle, so he cleared an actual medieval castle to build it there.  Mainly, it was to impress his friend Wagner.

Neuschwanstein (11) Neuschwanstein (6)

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  1. Oh I miss Germany. Have bauerschnitzel and weissen for me.  :o)

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