Posted by: ilanasmith | January 29, 2005

30 Years of the Jays

Triple J is turning 30 this year and on their website they are doing a retrospective.

My favourite story showcases Triple J’s approach to censorship.  They started off on a great note; their first broadcast song was one not ever heard on Australian radio –  The Skyhooks’ "You Only Like Me Because I’m Good In Bed". 

At one point, the Jays were the only radio station in the world playing NWA’s "Fuck tha Police".  They’d been playing it for 6 months when some pollies and the WA police noticed and kicked up a fuss.  ABC management decreed that the song must be stopped.  The Jays responded by playing it continuously for 24hrs.  350ish times.

Apparently a similar thing happened at Schoolies one year.  Michael Tunn was doing an OB and the police approached him at some point and requested he stop playing songs with bad language.  Tunny saw their bad language and raised them – he promptly played Rage Against The Machine’s "Killing in the Name". 

All this on a radio station completely funded by the government.




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