Posted by: ilanasmith | June 25, 2005

Ben Franklin ain’t got nothing on me

I’m involved in a patent application at work, and we got an email yesterday from the lawyer with the salutation "Dear Inventors".

I’ve never been an inventor before.  I feel like some great new responsiblity has been bestowed on me.  It feels like I’m now supposed to be tinkering down in the basement, cooking up some sort of machine triggered by my alarm clock that will tip me out of bed into my clothes, make me toast and eggs and funnel me into my car.  It’s a lot of pressure.  Not the least of which is because I don’t have a basement.



  1. nice wedding

  2.  I feel the exact same way, and would have said so myself had I been able to express it so eloquently (including the basement comment:)).
    The thing is, you get used to it, and you start feeling that maybe you do actually deserve a patent. Afterall, vastly inferior "inventions" are being patented all the time, and your idea is at least as unique and revolutionary as the latest lame brain bit of trivia you heard of that earned an application submittal.
    Problem is, preciously few in our industry are actually inventing sliced bread, and the rest of us are just legally assisted peddlers of bullshit :)

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