Posted by: ilanasmith | May 23, 2006

Me and the people I work with

My latest post over at my team’s blog is our v3.0 ship photo.  (The accompanying comments, about kibble and fire engines, are true too.)
Even though the photo was only taken in November last year, post-shipping exodus means that many of the people aren’t on the team anymore, so it’s nice to look over all the faces and miss them.
We were supposed to have the photo taken outside, but Seattle came through on the weather front and so we ended up wedged into a corner of our cafeteria.  I wanted to make sure that I’d be able to find myself amongst the hoard, so I wore a bright blue shirt.  As it turns out, ending up smack in the middle had the same effect.
I think Ship Day has an overly positive effect on demeanor – the smiles on some faces are a bit scary in their enthusiasm.  Still, the company seems to think that we’re representative of happy Microsofties: portions of this photo were the slide backgrounds for the recent company-wide Town Hall Meeting.
UPDATE: Link fixed

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