Posted by: ilanasmith | July 23, 2006

Fluevogging Across the USA

I love willpower.  I like to wave as it dissolves away…
When I had my fifth anniversary at work, Charles told the whole team the story of convincing me to move to the US – one of the main gambits had been sending a link to the John Fluevog site.  The siren call of weird shoes did their job.   I’m pretty sure the Urban Fam is almost solely responsible for the solvency and expansion of the Seattle branch.   The local store has been known to send me worried mail if they have a sale and I don’t appear.
Most Excellent Mother gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, so yesterday, in honour of it and the sale, Cin and I tripped off downtown.  Obligatory crumpets, then shoes.
I’d looked online and had my eye on two different pairs.  It was my birthday; I can splurge.  So I bought those pairs.  And two more.  I’m weak.  They’re fabulous.
Thanks, Mum!


  1. I’ve not yet bought my first pair of Vogs. I think part of me is afraid that you, Cin, or KB already has whatever it is I’d end up buying. However, they’re freakin gorgeous. Congrats, and happy birthday!

  2. Thanks!
    Have no fear about the dupes – we all have repeats!  (Cin and I even have the same pair, in the same colour and the same size.)

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