Posted by: ilanasmith | August 14, 2006

Deep, Calming Breaths

I’ve always known that I don’t like to get bored.  I always thought it was a tiny personality quirk.  A little bit of seasoning to the Ilana-cake.  Something easily ignored.   I’m beginning to realise that it is something a bit more fundamental. A bit more scary.
I fly home to Australia at the end of the month for my friend Mayo’s wedding.  I’ve done the trip so many times that I’m amazingly zen about the whole thing.  Really, travelling is the only time when I can wait patiently.  I’m mentally prepared, I have a dozen different things with me to keep myself amused, it might be 35+ hours door-to-door but it’s just routine.
Except now.  Except now because of those stupid terrorists and their stupid plot.  How the fuck am I supposed to last for 35 hours without something to read?  Without my Gameboy?  Without my sleeping pills and my eyemask and my noise-cancelling headphones?
The TSA better be over their little tantrum by the time I need to fly.  Because, I kid you not, I’m actually starting to panic.
I discussed it with my mother and she had these calming words to say:
Dianne says:
ohmygod you are going to die


  1. The Show with zefrank 10 August 2006A small number of people can incapacitate a society by leveraging our inability to understand risk. … The Government’s responsibility is to make sure that fear and terror are not disproportionate to the reality of the situation.  Today the President said "This nation is at war with Islamic Fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom to hurt our nation". Generalised statements like this which instill nebuolous fear without specific information are exactly in line with the goals of terrorism.

  2. the above comment is Mayo, but my browser seems to hate the new Live Spaces stuff :(

  3. I travelled back from the US to Australia only last week – everyone was telling me to expect to get on the plane with having nothing other than your passport and your wallet.  This was not the case.  Whilst I was prepared to check my carry on bag, I still had my Blackberry, Laptop, iPod, Book and sleeping tablets with me.
    Even getting through security was quicker because most ppl had very little with them. I am sure you will be fine!

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