Posted by: ilanasmith | December 20, 2006

Ask Not What I Can Give To You

I thought moving to Denmark in winter was the height of bad planning.  It’s been topped by combining moving to another country with Christmas…with a huge power outtage.  It’s like combining milk and orange juice…and napalm.

Of these events, Christmas is taking the back seat.  I’ve pretty much fallen down on the present-giving front.  The only place I’m doing respectably is with my family, and that’s only because I transferred a pile of cash to my sister Tam Kringle, and encouraged her to go mad.  Apparently, I’m choosing some lovely things.

So I suck with the outward flow of presents, but I’ve been doing awfully well with the inward flow.

A previous high bar for me was my present from Nic for my 21st.  She had a cartoon done of me as a surprise.  That’s a pretty great present, but she made it even greater by photocopying the core drawing and creating a series out of it.  I have been meaning for a while (okay, nine years) to get them framed, but I found them as part of the big move and figured I’d scan them and post them if nothing else.  They’re at the side in the the "Cartoons" album.  

Two recent presents are challenging for the Great Present title, however.  On Thursday night, I got home soon after the power problems kicked in.  I’d pause to complain about the 12 hours during which I was without power, but the UFC is at 113 hours and counting.  The Ding headed off to Antarctica today – it’ll be a nice warm change for him.  Anyway, there was a very large package waiting for me when I got home – I thought it might be a framed print or something.  I unwrapped it on the kitchen floor by the light of four candles…and still had no freaking idea.  I poked and prodded, and finally figured it out.

When I was a kid, my favourite toys were small toys.  Little minature versions of things.  I had this tiny little tree-house doll-house that I just adored, and I loved little cars and little people.  Fast-forward a few years, and the adult version of this is that whenever I go into Target or REI, I have to go by the outdoor section and poke at the tiny little display tents that they have.  I like to zip open all the doors and peer in the windows.

For Christmas this year, Alex got me my very own tiny little display tent.  It’s adorable (and pictured below).  And, I have to say: without instructions, only by the light of four candles, damn hard to put up.

Then on Saturday, Betsy and Dr Jimmy gave me what might potentially be the best present ever.  They explained that when I move to Denmark, there might be communication problems, and that I should have some sort of sign of how to approach me, the correct attitude to take in my presence.  Photo below.


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