Posted by: ilanasmith | February 12, 2007

Wonderful Copenhagen

I’ve been living in Denmark for a month.

It’s cold, foreign, strange, cold, over-whelming, confusing, lonely and cold.  I hate not knowing the language.  I hate not having anyone to really talk to.  I hate being in a different time zone.   I hate missing out on being there.  I hate being confused in the supermarket.  I hate not knowing anything at work.  I hate how much books cost.

And yet, all in all, I’m pretty much loving it.

I love my cute little apartment.  I love my posh little area.  I love walking to the grocery store.  I love the Metro.  I love my hour-long commute.  I love the breakfast at work.  I love the lunch at work.  I love having a window office (even if I have to share it).  I’m working up to loving my new team, my new product and my new job.  I love having Europe on my doorstep.  I love all the trips that I’ve planned for the next few months.  I love how readily Danes swap to English.  I love H&M. I love the bread.  I love the pastries.  I love the nice little cobbler down the street who fixed my shoe and didn’t charge me.  I love having people coming to visit me.  

Things are going to be fine.



  1. Just the other day I was thinking how much better life would be if I had an hour-long train trip each day.  Damn Seattle’s lack of public transport!

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