Posted by: ilanasmith | February 14, 2007

Oh, Metro, let me count the ways…

As part of my relocation dealio, I get two months of temporary housing.  My little temp apartment is super-cute: it’s small, the bathroom is infinitesimal and the washing machine is in the basement, but it’s got two balconies, a great layout and lots of light.  I also really like the area it is in.
I’m currently living in Frederiksberg.  (Don’t presume any pronounciation from that spelling.  Welcome to Danish.)  It’s a little pristine and a little upmarket but very nice; there are lots of great things in the area and I’m only about 400 metres from the Metro. 
I’m currently in love with the Metro.  I might send it a card today.  It’s quick and often and gets me all over the city.  When Dean was here last weekend, I’m sure he got sick of my fascination with it.  I don’t think I invented places to visit just so we could go there on the Metro…
(My local Metro station is also attached to a shopping centre. As if I didn’t already love it a scary amount.  The shopping centre has, among other things, an H&M, a bookstore and a Ben & Jerrys.  It’s like the devil wants me to buy things.  I guess I’m just lucky there’s no Fluevog in Europe.)
I’m so in love with the Metro that my criteria for permanent housing went from all sorts of requirements to "close to the Metro".  I looked at a few places around the city; mostly they were in Frederiksberg, one was on the other side of the city near the Amager Metro station.  (Again, don’t presume that "Amager" is pronounced the way it is spelt.  Danish spelling is really just decoration.  It serves no useful purpose.)  Some of them had bathrooms even smaller than my current one.  None of them were better located.
I did find a place I’m very happy with.  It has a good layout, great proximity and a nice area.  I move in about a month – it’ll be a big undertaking:  I have to walk down four flights of stairs, ten metres to the right and up two flights of stairs.
Weirdly, this is not the first time in my life that I’ve moved from one apartment to another in the same building…nor is it the first time that the apartments have been identical, though flipped.

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