Posted by: ilanasmith | February 16, 2007

Something is Pretty Okay in the State of Denmark

Back when I first arrived here, I had a rental car for a little bit.  I took advantage of temporary mobility on my first weekend to throw a change of clothes in the boot and set off to explore the country.

It was a pretty awful weekend from a weather perspective.  It didn’t snow, which was nice, but it was very rainy and very windy.  Denmark is able to get 20% of its energy from the wind, so I’m gathering that the latter is not all that uncommon.  Graceful windmills scattered over board-flat countryside makes driving through Denmark a pretty experience.  When you can see beyond the windscreen wipers.

First, I headed up north to Helsingør.  Or, as literary types know it, Elsinore.  Checked out Hamlet’s crib.  Then swung down through Hillerød to gawp at Frederiksborg Slot.  Roskilde came next, which, when it isn’t over-run by a major music festival, is where all the Danish royals are planted.  On my way off Zealand (old, not New.  *shudder*), I stopped by Trelleborg and waded through a lot of mud to wander around the Viking settlement.

On Funen, I overnighted in Odense.  Odense is known for being Hans Christian Andersen’s home town.  Now there’s an interesting character.  My over-whelming conclusion on exiting the Hans Christian Andersen museum was "weeeeeeeeirdo".

I made it over to Jutland (that’s the bit of Denmark that’s attached to Germany), and checked out Ribe and its wonky old buildings before getting jack of the weather (and the return of my cold) and heading back to København.  Due to middle-of-winter-ness, I wasn’t able to visit the most important site in Jutland: Legoland!  I shall have to return in summer.  I, too, want my Lego driver’s licence.




  1. Wait for me, I want to go to Legoland!

  2. Of course, you do.
    You’re the obvious companion, I feel ashamed I didn’t think of it myself, and I shall hold off on Legoland visits until you’re here.

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