Posted by: ilanasmith | March 23, 2007

Ancient Revelations

I’m thirty now, and at such an advanced age, it can be a bit weird to newly learn things that seems a bit obvious.

Sometimes it can be understandable.  It took living in a European city for me to learn that walking on cobblestones makes your ankles hurt because they have to keep compensating for the uneven surface.  Sometimes it’s not so understandable.

So I’ve packed a bag a few times in my life.  Only until the age of three did all my family live in the same city. From then on, I shuttled between them a few times a year: first to grandparents, and then between parents.  I went away to boarding school at thirteen, so that added a few extra back-and-forths a year, then away to university, then away to other hemispheres.

It was only this morning, when packing for a weekend trip to London to visit Rohan that I discovered that internal compression straps are for stopping all your crap from sliding to the bottom when you pick up a bag. 

I don’t think I’ve ever previously packed a bag and had the zipper close without a struggle.


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