Posted by: ilanasmith | April 28, 2007

Marie vil ikke have en abort

For my upcoming Danish exam, I have to read three books.  They’re pretty basic, so I was expecting a spot of "See Spot run, see Spot jump", maybe a spot of Spot going to the bakery and ordering some french bread and skimmed milk, to take advantage of recent lessons.
Well, my first book is about a guy called Henrik, and he certainly goes to the shop.  However, after that, he goes to see his girlfriend Marie and she tells him she’s pregnant.  He wants her to get an abortion, because they’re too young and can’t afford a kid.  She says no and they break up.  When she has the kid, he comes to see it.  She asks him if he will be in the kid’s life.  He’s not so sure and has to think about it for a few more days.  Eventually, he comes around to the idea and they get back together.
It’s all a bit suprising when one is expecting running and jumping. There’s certainly a difference between beginner books for children and beginner books for adults.  Fewer pictures for one.
For my exam, I have to talk about one of my books for four minutes.  So I need to find the Danish for "too stupid to use birth control", "complete asshole" and "idiot to take him back". 


  1. Very harsh.  Everyone is entitled to one or two major stuff-ups in life.  Good luck with your Exam MEM

  2. I read that same book for my exam. In fact, it was the one I ended up talking about. It’s called something like "Far", isn’t it?
    I, too, rehearsed for the exam by memorizing "key phrases". I never really considered the other 2, but I did learn that "asshole" translates closely to "skiderik"  (literally a shit). I found the opportunity to accidentally drop that in…great success!

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