Posted by: ilanasmith | December 16, 2007

Catching Up

The last travel post was about Barcelona, where I went back in September.  I’m a little behind.

In the interim, I spent two weeks in Australia, visiting my brilliant nephews.  (Oh, seeing Fee and Nic and my dad and sister and brother-in-law and Most Excellent Mother and step-bro and grandparents.  And the whole rest of the family at my cousin Mike’s wedding.  But it’s my nephews who were the coolest.)  Observation: Australia is a fucking long way from Europe.

4 - Picking Strawberries - Riley 5 - Picking Strawberries - Finn 11 - Being an Aunt rocks

Then I came back to the cold bit, where it was colder and much more orange, and spent a week conferencing.  Then, I popped off the continent again to go visit Ed in Montreal (lovely city) and then down to Orlando (dreadful city) for further conferencing.  Satre was wrong: hell isn’t other people, it’s a packed Disney World monorail at the end of the day. 

2 - Ed and meat sandwich at Schwartz's 5 French is funny 7 - Canadia

After that, I came back again, where it was even colder and had replaced the orange with grey.

I’ve only had one weekend away since then, but I’m off to Seattle next week for Christmas/NY.



  1. Where did you take that maple leaf picture?  It’s actually hard to find anything remotely patriotic in Quebec!  Anyway, you have good timing. On Dec 2 we had about 25 cm of snow, and then today we got another blizzard. It’s been consistently below zero, the snow just keeps piling up on the lawns and rooftops. It’s not even technically winter yet! I’ll try to get ooout and aboot for some photos.

  2. It was on a pillar going into the port area water-wards from Old Quebec.
    Sounds like a lot of snow.  Seattle’s had a bunch too.  Copenhagen has had…a couple of drifting flakes a few weeks ago.  And I’m the one in Scandinavia.

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