Posted by: ilanasmith | December 21, 2007

Past Angry, to Amused

It’s no exaggeration (though it always sounds like it is) to say that one of the reasons I left the US was because of the Weight of the Right.

I used to get annoyed about what politicians and religious and social groups would get up to in Australia.  Fred Nile, Little Johnny, the lovely Ms Hanson.  They’d say stupid stuff and I’d disagree.  We’d make dumb environmental or cultural decisions and I’d disagree.  We’re participating in an unjust war, and I disagree. 

I remember when I was a uni student, a change in government knocked 50% off my monthly income which, even prior to the change, was pretty miniscule.  I got a bit miffed about that.  Yet nothing made me truly angry until I became invested in America.

I think it is because in Australia, I had an optimistic belief, maybe unfounded, that sanity would prevail.  With the weight of religion and conservatism in the US, along with my maturing cynicism, it’s hard to see that happening.

My years in the US were entirely Bush, and everything that man said and did made me angry.  Kb works for a pro-choice organisation and every story she’d tell me made me angrier.  I just had to take a few years off from being so mad and frustrated.  55% tax is a small price to pay.

All this came to mind today, because I was reading a review of a book called "America’s War on Sex" and this absolute gem popped up.  Apparently, Joseph Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League said, “I would like to outlaw contraception. It is disgusting – people using each other for pleasure.”

The absurdity has quite brightened up my day.



  1. Gotta love people like that.  The sad part is, they won’t ever know what it is like to be an enlightened soul and will forever be angry at the world.  Stupid buggers.

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