Posted by: ilanasmith | February 14, 2008

White Christmas

I had a wonderful visit to Seattle over Christmas/New Year.  Did bugger-all.  Just hung out, and it was grand.

One of the most surprising parts was discovering what I missed most about Seattle.  After the people, of course, the thing I miss most about Australia is the food.  I was shocked to discover that the thing I missed most about Seattle was, after the people of course, the food.  And not just because I’m generally ambivalent about eating.

I had Adovo Chicken Pasta from Desert Fire, coffee from Victrola, tacos from Chipotle (twice!) and gingerbread waffles from Coastal Kitchen (also twice!).  I also had enough Starbucks lattes to tide me over between Copenhagen airport visits.

The other thing I also always miss is the book shopping opportunity.  When I hit Sydney airport on a visit home, it’s straight to the newsagent.  As soon as my gob is full of Cadbury, I’m perusing the new offerings of the Australian publishing industry.  Incidentally, why is so much sci fi/fantasy written by Australians?

So as usual, I over-patronised the bookstores on this visit too.  Luckily, a nice check-in agent at SeaTac told me that instead of charging me $50 in excess, she could give me a box and I could take advantage of my "2 pieces" allowance.  Repacking on an airport floor is a tad embarrassing, but then if I had any shame, I’d probably not be trying to smuggle so many books.

A White Christmas (there are snowflakes, believe me) at Nick and Art's.


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