Posted by: ilanasmith | April 2, 2008

Smooth Criminals

Yesterday, six robbers used a forklift to smash down the wall of a money transport firm in Copenhagen and, armed with submachine guns and rifles, stole 30 million kroner.  They made their escape in three Audis.  They scattered nails in their wake, causing four pursuit police cars to pull up with flat tyres.  To help their getaway, they also planted a bomb at a nearby train station that caused road shut downs and further distraction.

  • Spiegel totally stole my joke about this sounding like the plot to Ocean’s Fourteen.  It would have been even better if they used Minis so it could be The Danish Job.
  • As skilled as they are at making clever movie references, Spiegel get a FAIL for their picture – apparently 30 million kroner look a lot like euros.
  • All reports agree that the Audis had foreign plates, though they’re variably Swedish, Polish or German.  I like the latter, due to the high level of organisation; Mark agrees, but due to car choice:"The good taste to drive Audis says it’s Germans. Otherwise it would have been Volvos or Ladas. A bit of national pride during a heist is never misplaced."
  • Alternate theory: Danish.  Apparently, this incident was very similar to ones in Malmö and Gothenburg.  I could see Danes practising on Swedes.
  • Naveen thinks laundering 30 million kroner in a little country like Denmark would be tough.  I think it’s a problem I’d like to have.

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