Posted by: ilanasmith | April 21, 2008

Danish Cows are Weird

Sunday was Cow Day here in Denmark.

Yes, I had no idea what it was either.  Claus enlightened me: apparently cows are kept indoors during winter, and the day they’re let out into the fields is Cow Day.

The reason that this is a big draw is that the newly freed cows act like total nutbars.  Think dog after bath.

I didn’t go, but Claus brought back pictures!


Claus’ write-up and further pics can be found here.  In part:

I går var køernes dag. Det var dagen hvor køer der producerer økologisk mælk kom på græs for første gang i går. På vanlig vis var det et tilløbsstykke med masser af mennesker og i også med dejligt vejr

For those not fluent in Danish, I shall translate:

Today was Cow Day. It was the day when cows that produce organic milk go onto grass for the first time.  On something we were it a something with something (lots?) of people and also with lovely weather.

Damn, my Danish is excellent.


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