Posted by: ilanasmith | May 23, 2008

Wish I Could Have Known You, Professor Eliot

Charles’ dad died on Tuesday.

I’ll always be disappointed that I didn’t meet him.  Anyone who’s ever chatted with Charles about them (or just met Charles and extrapolated) knows that his family is topful of interesting characters, and it seems his dad firmly represented. 

Admitted to the Order of Canada, he was born in Pakistan, met his wife in Greece and ended up President of the University of Prince Edward Island.  He is described in his obit as "a classicist, an historian, an archeologist, a philhellene, a teacher, a university administrator, and a tireless champion for Maritime heritage preservation", but I love the comment "To call him eccentric would be understating the case".

We should all be remembered so well.



  1. Thank you Ilana! Dad is greatly missed.
    Eccentric right to the end, he insisted that there be no funeral, which is confusing to the *many* people who want to pay their respects. But on July 22nd there will be a gathering here in Dorchester for family and friends, and we’ll consign his ashes to the garden and play cricket on the lawn. I suspect that "family and friends" could translate into a massive gathering.

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