Posted by: ilanasmith | August 23, 2008

Baltic States

From Helsinki, we caught the ferry across to Tallinn, in Estonia.  We spent most of the trip giggling about the sign that had directed us toward the gangway by saying in Swedish "Til Fartyget".

Tallinn has an adorable little walled old town.  We wandered around, and indulged in commerce.  Cindy scored the best Russian nesting dolls ever.  Yammy bought some gorgeous red pottery goblets that he insists on referring to as "chalices" or "grails".  I find that uncomfortably messianic.  Yammy also chickened out of the Medieval Torture Museum at the door once he realised that they’d be showing how the equipment was actually used.

 Talinn (6) Talinn (3) Talinn (5) Talinn (8) - Russian nesting dolls bought in Eastonia of Swedes

We caught a bus from Tallinn to Riga, Latvia.  It left from the main bus station in Tallinn, which seemed to be called the "autobussijaam".  Someone, who shall remain nameless for soon-to-be-revealed reasons, became overly fond of saying this name.  Our bus had Wifi and Jammi spent most of the trip exclaiming about this fact on various internet sites.  Not the Soviet Union anymore, Toto.

If Tallin is Dubrovnik-y, then Riga is more Paris-y.  Broad avenues and such-like.  We discovered that most of the old and notable buildings had been pretty much rebuilt post-war, which de-notabled them in our books.

Finally, we ventured into northern Lithuania to visit the Hill of Crosses.  I can’t do that place justice with words, but behold the photos.

Hill of Crosses (3) Hill of Crosses (6) Hill of Crosses (9)


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