Posted by: ilanasmith | August 31, 2008

City Slot

Last weekend, after a few glancing attempts, I finally made it to Rosenborg Slot to check out the castle and inspect the crown jewels

Rosenborg is a funny skinny little castle in the centre of a park in the centre of the city.  It’s a bit strange to look down a street and see the thing.  It’s really far more royal than the four identical palaces a few blocks away that the Queen beds down in.

Rosenborg Slot (5) Rosenborg Slot (3) Rosenborg Slot

This is what I learned on my visit:

  • Danes are ridiculously trusting.  I had suspected this due to the baby carriages (complete with occupants) left on footpaths outside shops and cafes while mums are busy inside.  I had it confirmed when the ticket dude told me I needed to check my bag during my visit.  (Apparently it’s not to prevent me making off with the jewels – it’s to protect the door frames.)  When I didn’t have the 20kr ($4) coin for the locker, he offered one.
  • The Danish aesthetic has improved.  I’m an enormous fan of the whole minimalist sleek beautiful Scandinavian thing going on around here, but it would seem it was a somewhat recent development.  As far as I can tell, prior design goals aimed for ugly or creepy.  There’s a lot of stuff in Rosenborg that gets the double word score, including a significant portion of the crown jewels.
  • The Danish royal family has gotten a lot better looking.  The current head of state looked alright before time and forty Greek cigarettes a day took their toll.  Half of her children are pretty cute and half of his kids are totally adorable.  Frederick III and Christian V were scary, and their wives were worse.  I figured that their painters needed to upgrade their version of Photoshop, before the terrible thought occurred to me that maybe they already had.

And then we went to Tivoli and went on all the rides.


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