Posted by: ilanasmith | December 14, 2008

Goodbye Denmark

Hello Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel.  Hello Seattle.

I don’t think the news that I’m moving back to Seattle is really news to anyone.  I’ve lived here in Denmark for two years and loved every minute of it, but it has felt a little like a holiday from life, and I need to try to be a grown-up.  So it’s back to Seattle to work on that small operating system product we have.

In my time here, I’ve managed to see just about all of Europe that I was interested in.  (Southern Italy and Portugal are the only ones to elude me, but I’ll be back for at least two weddings next year and I still might snag them.)  So when I leave Copenhagen at the end of the week, I’ll spend a month travelling through the Middle East.  I’m going to try to post photos to Flickr during the trip so keep an eye out over there if you’re interested.

I’ve mentioned before that George Bush was actually a small factor in deciding to leave the US, so it’s going to look like I carefully planned to arrive back so close to the day he gets evicted, but that one is probably a coincidence.  Probably.



  1. Sadly for us this means goodbye Europe too! All I can say is thanks for dropping by, was nice to have you in the neighborhood for the while it was, and do drop by when next passing through! And have a great time in the Middle East, if you get a chance a Lebanon TAKE IT!

  2. Who’s Bush? ;o)

  3. I’m going to try for Lebanon (I got a Syrian multiple-entry visa so I could) but various foreign offices say "Avoid if possible" so it might be difficult.

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