Posted by: ilanasmith | April 2, 2009

Meet My New Car

I’d like to introduce my new car.
It’s blue, so it needed a C name (like Claudia the Jetta, Camille the Focus and Clarisse the Audi).  It has a one-litre, three-cylinder engine, so I’ve named it after the donkey I rode in Egypt. 
Meet Colin the Smart.
Here’s the thing: it’s not that smart.  It’s ridiculously impractical and for that, it’s not that cheap, the fuel economy is not that great, it’s illegal in Seattle to do the cool Smart perpendicular-to-parallel parking, it lacks essential features, it’s slow and has weird shifting, and its safety is debatable.  Also, it’s French.  Frankly, smart would have been the Honda Fit.
It has a single redeeming feature, and that’s the one reason I bought it.
Looking at it makes me laugh.


  1. Tsue – what a neat (gulp!) car. Of course it is Cantankerous (which is neater than Colin) – c’est Gaulic (which is neater than Colin). Actually, I reckon Colic (which is also neater than Colin). Apart from all that – I love your car liklik. mi lapun

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