Posted by: ilanasmith | January 23, 2011

The Fifth Stage of Grief is Acceptance

Some trips may never get written up.

I finally got around to posting some photos from some trips.  I’m now all caught up…to mid-June 2009.  I was so good for so long about posting accounts of all my adventures.  And then I got to sucking at it.  One day, I may need to reconstitute it all from bitchy Facebook comments.

I finally posted my two-year-old Egypt photos about a month ago., to join Syria and Jordan, which were much more timely   That very awesome trip through the Middle East is never gonna get written up.  I’m sure I thought up all sorts of snarky quips at the time.  Wasted.

Egypt (14)JordanSyria

Now I’ve added my April 09 England trip (Dean’s wedding), some photos from buying and moving into the house (April/May), a weekend in Victoria complete with whales (May), and my June 09 trip to Ireland (Mark’s wedding).

Northern England (12) - Whitby AbbeyIMG_4294
Ireland (21)IMG_4355

At some point in the next decade, I might finally make it all the way down to Indochina.



  1. We may have to form a club; I admit that you win the championship, if it is ever held, with your annual posting rate. I subscribed to your RSS so I wouldn’t miss them though. Thankfully, whatever is missing, your Flickr stream is still super.

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