Posted by: ilanasmith | March 12, 2005

I heart TV

My three favourite movies are probably the three I saw most recently, which intersects quite coincidentally with the three I can recall most readily.

My three favourite songs/musicians/musical genres bear striking resemblence to whatever 89.5 was playing in the car this morning.  Oh, and Romanian pop songs, because of this guy.

I’m the anti-Wil Wheaton – music is just pretty sounds in my ears.  Movies are two hours diversion and an excuse to eat peanut M&Ms.  But television? 

Hell, off the top of my head, without even thinking, I can name my three favourite cancelled television shows.  AICN have a rating system of which the highest honour is "Better than we deserve".  I’m on-board with that rating.

I’m also pretty obsessive about reading, and it’s probably not a great stretch to correlate my preference for crime/mystery and scifi/fantasy stories with my thing for TV.  I’m probably just a serial fan.  I like return on my investment.  It’s either that, or it’s always all about the writing.

‘Cause TV is run by the writers.  And my favourite TV writers (Joss Whedon, Aaron Sorkin, Steven Moffat, Rob Thomas, Amy Sherman-Palladino…) are geniuses.  Genii.  Whatever.

Most people are wrong if they think DVDs are a delivery method for movies.  Really, they’re so you can get seasons of your favourite shows, and line them up on your bookshelves with serieses (serii.  Whatever.) of your favourite plucky PI books and sit back and admire them smugly in all their matchingness, even though you’re not really the one who cares about stuff like that and it’s Alex who owns the label-maker.


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