Posted by: ilanasmith | March 14, 2005

“Isabelle Coverdale” is my nom-de-resume

Whenever I get a job, I’m always a little embarrased to encounter the people I interviewed with.  Interview-self is always so much more eager and exaggeratey and self-promoting than Real-self.  Interview-self should be never be referred to again, and forgotten so quickly you’d think everyone’s been cooking in aluminium pans.

My sympathy was invoked today when I came across this page.  This poor job-seeker.  There is enough personally identifiable information left in this example cover letter for those in-the-know to recognise the writer.  And to have it out there, five years after it was written, for anyone to see.  Embarrassments on the internets will haunt forever.

Of course, I am particularly sympathetic in this particular instance because it turns out that Isabelle Coverdale is quite well-known to me.  She has the same shoe size and sits in my office chair.

Still, I do have to pause and admire that fancy footwork around the GPA.  Shows there are multiple ways to phrase things when your overall GPA gives away your general reluctance to attend lectures and, well, do work.



  1. freakin hilarious :-)

  2. I think it’s here now …
    I was curious to see what the outcome was … google had this page as the top hit.
    Seems you’re enjoying your life journey. That’s a fine thing!
    Bon voyage.

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