Posted by: ilanasmith | May 19, 2005

Hey, Star Wars, remember when you were cool?

In the commentary for the Season 2 Buffy episode "Innocence", Joss Whedon says "The two most important things to me are emotional resonance and rocket launchers".  You can set your story where ever you like, you can make it as big or as insignificant as you like, but if your characters aren’t real, if your audience can’t relate to their problems and become invested in their success, you’re going to fall on your ass.  Oh, hi Mr Lucas, can I help you up?

Episode III seriously blew.  It pretty much had to deliver one piece of character development successfully – Anakin turns to the Dark Side.  Now, it may be that Hayden Christianson just can’t act (and really, he just can’t), but he was given no assistance by the story.  His motivation was thin, delivered badly, inconsistently and unconvincingly.  He turned to the Dark Side because it said so in the script.

The only cool part of this film was its foundation for the original three movies.  And the Wookies.


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