Posted by: ilanasmith | March 21, 2006

Cyclone takes on sister

Cyclone Larry hit Innisfail on Monday.  At Category 5, it is one of the worst storms to ever hit Australia.  (For comparison, Katrina was just a Cat 3 when it hit landfall.)  Property and crop damage is immense.  Yet no-one died.  The only injuries reported were minor cuts and abrasions from flying debris.  Innisfail doesn’t have levees.
Larry was Category 4 by the time it passed over my sister’s house.  She complained that she lost her power, TV and radio before it even really started raining.  (Actually, she phrased it far more colourfully, but that’s to be expected from Tam.)  They have trees down all over their land and won’t be able to get out of their driveway for a few days.  The boys were so delighted with their two hours of hiding out in the bathroom that they didn’t want to leave.
I remember travelling up to Cairns to do some engineering work ahead of some cyclone a few years ago.  It was a typically grey, rainy, windy pre-cyclone day.  Everyone was taking things in stride.  They weren’t rushing out to stock up on bread and water, or taping their windows, or evacuating.  But the line at the bottle shop stretched most of the way down the block.


  1. Speaking of drinking, apparently one local publican from Innisfail was still serving loyal customers beer last night even though half the pub had been blown down by Larry.  Can’t keep an Aussie from his golden ale it seems!

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