Posted by: ilanasmith | March 24, 2006

Vista vistas

When you gather up thirty thousand people for the sole purpose of making software, a select few bring other skills along with them. We benefit from this in the Theater Troupe – Geeks on Stage doesn’t sound very appetising, but the talent makes it palatable.
It’s pretty common for product groups to call on the vast hoardes when specific skills are required. Someone is bound to be capable.  Like Stacey, who provides the voice for a number of characters in Dungeon Siege 2; one is even called "Daci".  Or all our photography enthusiasts, who were asked to submit photos for the chance to create a Vista wallpaper.
I looked through a bunch of the 1.3K photos submitted (max of two per person), and was astounded at the quality.  Just about every photo was Windows-Wallpaper-gorgeous.  I don’t know how the judges narrowed it down.
Four photos by employees will ship with Vista.  One is of a school of Brazillian fish.  One is a black & white of some mountain in Yosemite.  One is a close-up of some West Seattle grass.  And the winner, by dev lead Steve Fu, is an amazing photo taken of sunrise at Enchantment Lakes; in the background is a mountain range that gleams gold.
I’d include the pic here, but I don’t know if I’m allowed.  So instead, here’s a link to an album of another talented (though now ex-)’Softie – Mark.

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