Posted by: ilanasmith | October 5, 2006

Lusty Marquees

The Lusty Lady is a "peep show establishment" on First in downtown Seattle, facing the Seattle Art Museum. It has an interesting history and is known for being run by and employing smart women, including two or three who went on to write books about their experiences there.

One of the primary reasons most people know about the Lusty Lady is due to its frequently-changing usually-very-clever marquee.  I always make a point to check it out as I drive past. I was thrilled to discover today that there is a Flickr group showing a bunch of them:

The owner of the building declined a recent purchase offer, so the garish Lady will be located next door to the swanky new Four Seasons hotel.  $400 a night will buy a hell of a view.



  1. Nice collection! I should just set my MSN IM display names to whatever the Lusty Lady marquee happens to be that day!
    If you’re ever in Wallingford (and I know you’re there all the time), check out the marquee on the Guild 45th Theatre. It quite often has clever puns on the flipside of the marquee, such as "The Matrix II / Whoa" and "Bend It Like Beckham / Naan Stop Football".

    Thank gosh they didn’t sell.  Makes me feel like we aren’t in the USA for a few brief moments as I drive or walk past. 

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