Posted by: ilanasmith | November 30, 2006

Chaz and Jane Do California

It’s a tad brisk here in Seattle at the moment. Last night at the UFC (where I had fled in the face of the scary frozen water, and hid out for two days), I took a look at the outdoor thermometer and thought to myself "Those fahrenheit thingies are fairly complicated, but I think 17.6 is pretty cold". Turns out, yep. Negative freakin’ 8 degrees.

It’s especially insulting and face-slapping because last week I was in California. Cin and I (and Chaz and Jane and Yammy) toddled off down to the warm weather for Thanksgiving week. It was nice. It even got to 85 degrees, which as I understand it, is farenheit for "rather warm".

Cin is just about the perfect travel companion. She doesn’t feel any great need to visit things or see stuff. We slept in. We watched television. We lay on the couch. Very much my style of holiday.

We did, however, do One Interesting Thing Per Day. Probably more by accident than any forethought or planning.

We flew down Friday night. Our plane was delayed about two hours, so we thoroughly investigated the cocktail menu at the bar on the N gates. At LAX, we picked up our faithful holiday companion Chaz. He’s a rather large, rather unwieldy rented teal SUV. Along with Jane the GPS program, we conquered California.

On Saturday, we slept in and lay on the couch. Then, with our fabbo host, Cin’s brother Rick, we drove about a bit and looked at things. Then we went back to the couch.

On Sunday, we went to "Gospel Brunch" at the House of Blues. Then we drove around a bit more. Hollywood sign. Mulholland Drive. Malibu.

On Monday, we went to Rick’s work. As Rick works in post-production at Fox, it totally did not suck. We got to sit in on voice-over recording for a TV show (apparently they’re not "grunts and moans", they’re "hostage whimpers"), had a sound effects guy show us some fancy new film, and wandered all over the Fox lot. Unfortunately, no sightings of David Boreanaz, Hank Azaria or NPH. We also picked up Yammy from the airport.

On Tuesday, we went to a taping of the Craig Ferguson show. We were totally a studio audience. And in the front row. And quite close to Emilio Estevez who is a tiny tiny man and not at all funny.

On Wednesday, Chaz and Jane took us up to Santa Barbara where Yammy’s friend Mike Conway was doing a show. Unfortunately, Mike Conway didn’t end up doing his show, so instead he took us on the Mike Conway Tour of Santa Barbara (which is going into the record books no time soon). Then we drank. We got back to LA at 4am, which wasn’t the best idea ever because…

On Thursday (Thanksgiving), we went to Magic Mountain. Rollercoasters, baby. Very of the season.

On Friday, we had lunch at Universal City Walk with Yammy’s friend Adam Bianchi. Then we dumped Yammy at the airport and went to see the new Bond film.

On Saturday, we came home again home again jiggidy jig. And promptly froze our extremities off. Cold blows. Whose genius idea was it for me to move to Scandinavia?



  1. It’s bizarre that everybody we saw in California has a MySpace page. I think Jane and Chaz might need one too. Get on it!

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