Posted by: ilanasmith | October 18, 2006

I’m Moving to Denmark

The announcement has now been made to my team, so I no longer have to stay quiet about the worst kept secret in the world.
I’m moving to Copenhagen.  I’ll still be working for the Evil Empire, in a similar role as currently, on an ERP product this time.  I start work there in January.
Ironically, my boss in the CRM team, Naveen, is also moving over there, where he’ll be…my boss.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of rumours crop up over that confluence of events, though it’s a complete coincidence.  Well, a Tsvi Reiter-shaped coincidence.
It’s going to be tough to leave.  I’d been getting a bit tired of the US for a while (the books are cheap but the politics are wearying) but my friends here are amazing.  I’ve gone through some tough personal stuff recently and the support of my urban family has been key to my survival. 
I am SO excited about being in Europe.  I haven’t seen much of that part of the world, so I’ll be venturing out often.  I don’t really know anyone in Denmark but I’ll have Mark in Dublin, Rohan and Dean in London and Daniel in Amsterdam, so there will much crashing on couches.
I went to Denmark in July to interview (that’s why it seemed to take me a long time to get back from my WWPC trip to Boston).  It was the middle of a heatwave, so I’m convinced that whole "Scandinavia is cold" rumour is an effort to keep the tourists away.  I loved it.  The people, the places, the mates, the faces…oh, wait, that’s an ad jingle.  For Fourex.  Anyway, it was cool.  Though hot.  Whatever.
It worked out well the last time an Australian woman went to work for The Man in Denmark.  She’s now their Crown Princess.  Do I have unreasonable expectations?
Photos at the side.


  1. And I cant wait to see you, in a smashing pair of wooden clogs, riding a bike around the red light district so you can throw yellow tulips at all the ladies in the windows. Of course your hair will be perfect, after having blow dried it by standing in front of mini-electrice-bluetooth-enabled-hand-windmill.
    Visit Soon!

  2. You are so odd.

  3. Congrats Ilana – a change is as good as a holiday apparently.

    my gosh.  sounds like a blast.   my good friend Hilary just moved there, along with her boyfriend Lou.   Will have to hook you up with her details.  She is a very good egg even if she is a yank!

  5. Wow… I am doing a search for ME in 1988 and came across your blog.Good luck! Even though I don’t see you that often, you will be missed.  So jealous!

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