Posted by: ilanasmith | August 6, 2007


Yammy had a last minute trip to London to do bad proprietry DRMy stuff with the BBC, and as I hadn’t left Denmark in three whole weeks, I toddled over to hang out.
An early flight meant I had to do the midnight thing to ensure I would be reading HP on the plane.  Too few people wearing costumes or casting spells, though the guy who planted himself near the line, opened up his new book and read "Chapter 37…" was mildly amusing.
Yammy had never been to London before, so we wandered around most of the big sites.  Then while he worked, I went off to the Tate Modern and the British Library.  The former was really all about the Rothkos.  The latter was incredible.  In one little room off to one side, they have such a collection.  Austen letters, Shakespeare’s first folio, drafts of "Yesterday" and "Penny Lane’, the Codex Arundel, Mozart scribbles, Captain Cook’s journal, two copies each of the Magna Carta and the Gutenburg Bible and a dozen more things that would leave you gobsmacked in any regular collection, but get lost in the noisy treasures of this one.
I also got to catch up with Rohan and Neil, Dean, and the guys from "Avenue Q".  Who seriously rocked.
(Thanks for the pics, Yammy)

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