Posted by: ilanasmith | August 8, 2007

You Know You’re In Denmark When…

  • Your phone book only has 19 Smiths, but it has five and a half pages of Jensens.
  • Crown Princess Mary shows up on magazine covers even more regularly than in Australia.
  • That weird sound?  They’re testing the air raid sirens.
  • A nice summer afternoon is the same temperature as a Brisbane winter midnight.
  • Danish pastries are called Vienna bread.
  • Your movie ticket comes with seat assignment.
  • The water leaves more crap on your dishes than the food did.
  • Most of the shops on your street are shut for six weeks in summer.  Even the ‘convenience’ store.
  • The first four items on a menu are herring.
  • Hills?  Oh, yeah, I remember hills.
  • Your address doesn’t include a state, and your phone number doesn’t include an area code.
  • "Shobnhown" (from Swedes and Norwegians) and "CopenHARgen" (from anyone else) kind of annoys you.
  • You sometimes go into the ladies’ at work to find the seat up.


  1. Right – pastries were brought to Denmark by Austrians hired to replace Danish bakers during a strike I think.
    Actually in French too such patries are called "Viennoiserie" (and that includes Croissants!).
    So confusing :)

  2. Here, they say that they were invented in Vienna by a Danish baker.
    I’ve given up on the real story.  I can’t even say "wienerbrød". 

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