Posted by: ilanasmith | August 15, 2007

Riding Along on My Pushbike, Honey

I bought a bike!

I’ve lived in Denmark for almost 7 months, and bike-buying was way overdue.  This place is designed for getting around on two wheels – it’s got big fat bikepaths everywhere, but most importantly, it’s as flat as a gymnast.  Everyone has a bike – after all, it’s vital and outdoorsy and can be done while wearing a scarf.

This is my first bike since the blue one with big handlebars that I got for my ninth birthday.  This one doesn’t have sparkles, but it’s still pretty cute.  I worried that I’d get bored with the whole biking thing in approximately 7.5 minutes, so I bought the second cheapest one at the local supermarket.  Truth be told, I would have bought the cheapest one but both samples were broken in some way, and that just didn’t seem like good odds.

Riding a bike is actually like riding a bike, but it’s still a bit nerve-wracking for the first little while.  I tottered around my courtyard for a bit and then set off to the fried chicken shop.  This was to offset any potential ass-shrinkage due to unexpected exercise.

I also bought a lock and some lights, so I’m all set.  All I need to do is ensure I don’t do a Daniel and get into any fantastic smashes because like everyone else in Copenhagen (and Amsterdam apparently), I certainly didn’t buy a helmet. Don’t tell my Mum.



  1. Make sure you get one of these newfangled Tourist-Detectors, they are a lot like radar detectors only save lives instead of money. Also, learn to use your bell, by that I mean if you cant play stairway to heaven with it you have more work to do. Also, be sure to get a decent deal for jeans at your local fashion store, I have NEVER gone through so many pairs in my life, alternatively see if you can buy ones with a re-inforced crotch…(I know, so many lines….) 

  2. No stack hat?  Tell me you at least bought some spokey dokies! 

  3. Protect your ass ets  – buy a helmet! Your MUM

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