Posted by: ilanasmith | August 21, 2007

All the Kids Are Doing It

I went to my friend’s Brownie troupe meeting when I was a kid and thought it was lame.  I’m not an enthusiastic joiner.  I’ll join, but it’ll take a fair bit of momentum of the masses.  It’s the reason I’ll probably create a FaceBook account soon (thanks to Nat and Cin and general consensus).  It’s why I created a MySpace account (thanks Cin and Yammy and Nickel Creek).   It’s why I have a LinkedIn account (thanks Naveen and Claus).  Obviously, I have an MSN/Windows Live Space too, thanks to Nick and TD. 

Like a contagious disease, I have begun to pass it on.  I recently converted my sister over to a Space.  She’s currently on a three-month trip around Australia with her family, so the updates and photos are pretty interesting.  She’s just about the only person I know whose holiday happy snaps include pics of taipans, dingoes and crocodiles munching on water buffaloes. Check her out:

I’m glad my sister has started blogging and I hope she keeps it up after she gets back.  She’s always been very good (and rather amusing) about keeping everyone up to date with everything through emails and Christmas newsletters, so it could be fun.  Someone else I’d like to see begin to write something like this regularly is my mother.  The woman has a wicked turn of phrase and a stash of interesting stories.  When was the last time someone told you about rescuing a calf that had fallen over a waterfall, and having a herd of cows look on and offer advice?

My only self-starting incursion into social networks has to be my foray into Twitter.  My curiosity got the better of me when I kept hearing about it, so I signed up to investigate.

I’m still not sure what it is.  I like all the departures that people have taken from the core functionality with apps leveraging the API and text messaging integration.  I can now SMS my own To Do list!  Still, the rest of it – the "What are you doing?" conceit…  Surely, no-one thinks their activity of the moment needs to be shared so broadly or preserved for posterity? 

I’m sure that my use of it to capture random thoughts is a symptom of living alone.


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