Posted by: ilanasmith | November 1, 2007


Tomorrow is J-Day here in Denmark.  It seems that this is a Really Big Deal – there are signs all over, everyone’s talking about it, the bars will be packed, we’re even having an event here at work to commemorate it.  For tomorrow is the day that Tuborg release their Christmas beer.

I had been thinking that this is a bit strange, but kind of cute and quaint and Danish, but then I realised that next Tuesday is the race that stops a nation.  So maybe we’re all allowed to have our little national foibles.

I, yet again, will miss it due to travel – I’ll be on a plane America-wards.  Ed’s promised me poutine in Montreal though, so I’ll still be recognising national weirdness in some way.



  1. At first I was very sceptical – chips, gravy and cheese????? WTF!
    But then I tasted it. My first time was in the Pitt Pub on campus at UBC.  I was hooked – much to my arteries dismay.
    Best poutine – just north of Whistler at a little road side dinner (a converted bus) called the Mountain Woman.
    Australia needs to start having:
    Tim Hortons
    Star Bucks (at least West of the border)
    Garlic Fries
    Oh how I miss the little things!

  2. Don’t worry about missing J day. Supermarkets and bars will be swamped in them until some time in January. And oh – this is also the best opportunity to get bet up or the likes at a night out. People here have a hard time understanding that if there is more alcohol in a beer one must cut down on the amount to stay sane..:-)

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