Posted by: ilanasmith | November 11, 2007

Welcome Maggie Williams!


I was seven when my cousin Leah was born.  She was a late arrival, and I remember coming home from school every day and asking my mother if "the baby is here yet".  Having only male cousins to that point, I was so pleased when she finally showed up.

I’ve felt a bit like this recently.  My cousins Pete and Ange were imminent on the procreation front and I’ve been refreshing my inbox in a similar manner to bugging my mother so long ago.  And as of last night, I’m similarly pleased to have the first baby girl of the next gen in my life.  Girl clothes and toys are so much more fun.
When my sister had the older of my wonderful, cute, terribly smart nephews a few years ago, Leah decided that ‘second cousin’ was too cold and distant a term, and invented a new one.  So, Maggie Williams, welcome to the world, this cuz-auntie is very glad you’re here.
I’m stuck in Orlando for work currently, so I’m thinking that there’s some pink, frilly, Disney-themed stuff in your future. 
Peter and Ilana 4
(No-one has sent me any photos of you yet, so I’ve made do with one of me and your dad.)



  1. Too cute. I’ve been toying with the idea of digitalizing some pictures of my brothers and sisters. This might just push me into action.

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