Posted by: ilanasmith | December 11, 2007


Barcelona was fun. It was kinda all about the art. Picasso Museum. Gaudi buildings. Dali weirdness.

I have far more of an appreciation for Picasso than ever previously.  I’m unsold on Gaudi.  Charles put it best: "He’s a strange one. I don’t instantly dislike his stuff, but it doesn’t do anything for me on either an emotional or intellectual level. Basically he gives me the ‘huhs’."  Gaudi gets props for keeping alive the tradition of taking more than a century to build a cathedral though.  Pillars of the earth, indeed.

On my way out to the Dali Museum, I came across a bunch of Catalans doing what Catalans do – making human castles. There were three groups, the reds and greens seemed to do things the traditional way – adding to the top of their stacks, like Lego (if the pieces were more like Barrel of Monkeys). The purples were a bit fancy – they added to the bottom, not unlike squeezing a very large, colourful, dangerous tube of toothpaste. The kid on the top with the helmet was very cute.

After checking out Dali’s bizarre monument to himself (it seems to trite to mention that it was all rather surreal), I encountered the castellers again. It looked like things had taken a bad turn though, as a green and a purple were supervising a shirtless fellow being palpated in the back of an ambulance. Everyone else was continuing building away though, so it was was either not too bad, or pretty common.

7 - Gaudi's Sagrada Familia - begun 1882, scheduled to be completed in about 2040  15 - Castellers  19 - Dali Museum


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