Posted by: ilanasmith | February 17, 2008


Last weekend, I went to Amsterdam to visit one of my favourite people in all the world, Daniel, and his beautiful girlfriend, Petra.

It was a gorgeous weekend.  The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining and the temperature was a balmy..well, it may have even been double figures.  (It’s Northern Europe!  In Winter!  Nothing was frozen; let’s just call it warm.)  Obviously, the Amsterdamians thought it was warm too – even those who chose to stay inside behind a window didn’t wear much.

Daniel and Petra inflicted bike-iness upon me, and we rode all about the place.  I got to see all the major sites and didn’t have to set foot inside anywhere where I might have to learn anything.  But the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank Huis look very nice from the outside.

We were ogled in the Red Light District, were fascinated by the wares in the smart shops, lay about the Supper Club and boated down the canals.  I got to wonder why Dutch builders didn’t use plumblines.  And I got to eat lots of stroopwafels.

A most excellent weekend.

Amsterdam Riding along on my pushbike, honey Amsterdam



  1. Thanks for coming, we enjoyed having you to stay and was really good to see you, lets not leave it so long between drinks! 
    I loved showing off my beautiful adopted home of Amsterdam, especially under such great lighting (your photos came up sweetly).
    I suddenly had a thought, do Fluevogs make bike shoes? Well, for next time.
    Be prepared, we are coming to Copenhagen and we expect the weather to be just as nice! Also be good to catch up with that other Aussie living there, what is her name again, ummm, princess someone?

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