Posted by: ilanasmith | March 9, 2008

Sometimes the Best Man for a job is a woman

I had the rather distinct honour of being a witness at Charles and Jen’s wedding in Seattle at the end of last month.  I was obnoxious enough to insist my role be referred to as "best man", though I gave the gift of Good Wine in penance.
The occasion was an excellent one.  The legalities were dispatched with at the Redmond Courthouse and were followed by a rollickingly good time at the reception, held at a super-fancy-pants theatre. 
Multitudes of photos are up on Flickr; The Dinge‘s are particularly good (my particular preference is for this astounding one of Yammy and Kindy, and this one of Tara and me trying desperately to live up to our pearls, but instead looking vaguely lobotomised.).
Proof! The Whole Shebang Kb as the Point Three, like she's supposed to be


  1. But I don’t _wanna_ be the point three!

  2. Shut up, Toe-y.  You know it’s where you belong.

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