Posted by: ilanasmith | March 16, 2008

OMG! Sun!

Lovely day here in Copenhagen today.  The sun came out.  I’m hesitant to declare the death of the wimpy Winter because I tried that two weeks ago, set off for the day in a Spring-weight jacket, then became rather grumpy when I was later snowed upon.
I decided to take a walk, which transitioned into going to visit the neighbours.  This was brave, as they’re wild and inhuman.
rawr Feeding time Bjorn
Oh my!
Truthfully, I accidentally live in one of the poshest areas of Copenhagen, and just down the road, near my local castle, is the Zoo.  It’s come a long way since in opened in 1859 and offered a seal in a bathtub and a turtle in a bucket.  I even got to see Kronprinsesse Mary’s Tassie Devils.  There were wallabies too (‘kænguru’) – I couldn’t tell if they were climate-responsively fuzzy or just fat. *sproing* *splat* *sproing* *splat*
But, predictably, I spent most of the afternoon with the polar bears.  Must get over that obsession.  Isbjørn!
isbjorn making an escape Isbjorn callesthenics 
UPDATE (the next day): And now it’s snowing.  Isn’t it lucky I didn’t call Winter done, so it would have to turn around and spite me?

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