Posted by: ilanasmith | July 6, 2008

In Which We Go To Louisiana

Copenhagen is the most amazing place under good weather.

Knowing Saturday was going to be nice, Bridget and I made some plans.  We briefly considered tackling the crowds and smell out at the Roskilde Festival, but decided instead to head up to Humlebæk and go to Louisiana.

Louisiana is named, not because it aspires to be murky and Southern, but because the original owner of the property apparently had three wives…all named Louise.  (Far worse than too many Alexs.)  It’s a museum of modern art ("museum for moderne kunst") and has a fairly nice collection including some Picassos, Pollack, Lichtenstien, Warhol, as well as many Scandinavian artists. It currently has an exhibition on the architecture of museums which, while a little recursive, was still totally fascinating.

The real star of Louisiana, however, is its location.  It’s right on the shore of the Øresund and when the weather is good, it’s spectacular.  The view even distracted me from the Rothko.

Ilana and Bridget at Louisiana Art Museum

We rounded out the day with some splashing about in the Baltic, a bicycle ride to an excellent local sushi place, and some good white wine.  It’s days like this when I wonder why anyone would live anywhere else.



  1. Good point. I hadn\’t tohhugt about it quite that way. 🙂

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