Posted by: ilanasmith | July 10, 2008

Hello Five Kilos!

How much does my family rock?  Why, they rock large amounts, thanks for asking.

Recent evidence: this is just the snack portion of my birthday package

Birthday Food! sm

Thanks, Most Excellent Mother and Most Excellent Sister!  (And thank-you too to Most Excellent Nephews, once I figure out what in hell you sent me, and how to stop it making that noise.)



  1. Too funny and happy birthday. Shoudda known you were a July baby. For my birthday I got to go to Houston for the company!

  2. Actually, I’m a June baby – the big parcel just came on the slow boat (the small parcel came by air).
    I’ve been in Orlando for TechEd on my birthday more than once.  Florida in June is delightful. :S

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