Posted by: ilanasmith | September 6, 2008


Ed and Sean getting hitched was a lovely excuse to visit Eastern Canada.  They picked Halifax, Nova Scotia for the deed, so Marky-Mark, Kindy, Yammy and I converged there.  Mark in Dublin was actually geographically closer to Halifax than Kindy and Yammy in Seattle.  That Canadia is damn big.

The Edding was lovely.  Ed looked like Princess Grace, Sean wore a skirt and it was a Catholic service so I knew all the words.  Apparently the modern term for a sporran is a ‘junk bag’.

There was karaoke at the reception, which was damn entertaining.  Must have been the booze.  Highlights were the groom doing Prince’s "Kiss" complete with falsetto, the bride doing Fergie’s "London Bridge (Oh Shit)", and the Croatian doing "Blame Canada".  Mark and I deafened Kindy with our homage to Nick, "Anthem".

Edding (7) - Kindy, Ed, me Edding (17) - Yammy, Peggy, Mark, Billie Sue, Ed and Sean Edding (8) - Mark being creepy

We inspected Halifax closely, and it was very pretty.  However, the most important discovery we made was at McDonald’s.

Edding (3) - No way!  Who would be that silly

Ugh!  Who would be silly enough to eat that?!

 Edding (4) - Not a good sign

Uh oh.  Not a good sign.

 Edding (5) - Mark.  That's who would be that silly.

Huh.  Mark.  How surprising.



  1. Now you’ve done it! I’m Jones’ing for a McLobster!  :o)

  2. I still can’t believe he ate that.  Did he lose a bet?

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