Posted by: ilanasmith | September 21, 2008

Lobsters, Lighthouses and Little Red-Headed Girls

I’m an enormous L M Montgomery fan.  I’ve read many of her books at least twenty times, and not just because I was trapped in a town with a crappy library.  I best remember the day I met Charles by how much I freaked out when I discovered he was from Prince Edward Island.  It’s Anne Land!  (Though, truth be told, I vastly prefer weird snobby Emily to goody-two-shoes Anne.  And arty Teddy is so much hotter than stodgy Gilbert.)  There was no way I was passing up the opportunity to PEI it up when I was over that side of Canadia.

I went light-house spotting through Nova Scotia over to Prince Edward Island, through adorable Charlottetown up to Anne’s part of town.  Peggy’s characterisation of PEI as "so cute I could puke" is apt.  I played Spot-the-Obscure-Montgomery-Reference: Ingleside Lodge Motel and Kindred Spirits Country Inn were topped by Shining Waters Family Fun Park.  Of course, I went to Green Gables.

Maritime Canadia (4) - Peggy's Cove Maritime Canadia (2) - Peggy's Cove Maritime Canadia (12) - Green Gables

From PEI (across the Confederation Bridge!), I meandered back through New Brunswick.  I stopped in at Shediac, because I had found it impossible to believe that it wasn’t just Australians that built enormous fibre-glass versions of things – the Big Lobster set me straight. All trips must have a highlight, however, and this one was spontaneously dropping in on the incredible woman who is Charles’ mother.  She is so cool.


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