Posted by: ilanasmith | September 22, 2008


Danes are unreasonably fond of their flag.  Granted, it’s quite pretty (and doesn’t have a mess of someone else’s flag taking up a significant quarter – always a plus in my book).  It’s the world’s oldest national flag, and apparently drifted down from Heaven and helped win some battle.  But they’re unreasonably fond of their flag.

It’s weird.  It doesn’t really seem to be about patriotism.  There’s a deep streak of irony through the Danish psyche that wouldn’t allow that level of uncoolness.  It really truly seems to be about the flag.  They fly it all over the place and print it on all sorts of things and use it as a decoration.  In a key piece of WTF, it’s apparently the way to indicate a birthday.  The damn thing is everywhere.

That said, this seems a bit extreme.

pretty poo 2



  1. What? You don’t carry miniature Aussie flags in your kit?  ;o)

  2. Shall I send some over?

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