Posted by: ilanasmith | October 17, 2006

Ten Good Things

To offset the general uptick in the crankiness index thanks to the previous post, here’s some things that I actually like:
  1. Slate’s “Explainer” series
  2. Blinc mascara
  3. Showtime’s new show “Dexter”
  4. Amazon, for features like lists and recommendations that point me to new authors
  5. Countries with responsible social programs.  Like Denmark.  And Australia.
  6. Ben Harper’s “Please Bleed”
  7. Ginger Bears.  In fact, ginger in general, along with tomato, mint, pineapple, black beans, pepper and lime.
  8. Joss Whedon’s Equality Now speech:
  9. Trader Joe’s
  10. RSS

However, I also hate reality TV and people who throw up the horns (when they aren’t Jesus or an all-girl AC/DC cover band).



  1. Blinc FTW, Reality TV FTL (except Project Runway). 

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